Udyam Registration – The Gateway To Success For Msme

If you are a micro, small and medium entrepreneur, you must be aware that you can have Udyam Registration form 1 July this year. We at Myudyogaadhar lead a helping hand for business entrepreneurs to have such registration online and avoid going out during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The online process that you need to follow is simple. The method of registration has full integration with IT and GST systems. If during the form filling process if you feel any difficulty, then you will find us by your side.  

There are various reasons to have Udyam Registration. It is good to know about those.

  • When as a business house, you have this registration, you can have bank loans at a cheaper interest. The interest you have to pay for such loan is 1 to 1.5%. It is much lower than regular loans.
  • MSME registration allows credit for minimum alternate tax for up to 15 years instead of 10 years.
  • Once the registration happens, having a patent or setting up a business has a reduction as the business owner can have many rebates and concessions.
  • Having such registration, you will have the ease to apply for government tenders as Udyam Registration Portal associates with Government e-market and other State Government Portals.
  • You need to pay a one-time settlement fee for non-paid amounts.

The MSME schemes that you can have the benefit

There are many MSME schemes launched by Government, which can help micro, small and medium enterprises.

Using energy-efficient technologies, business houses can lower production costs and have a clean development mechanism in place.

Business owners who have registered can have quick action to complain. One can look at the complaint’s status and, if not satisfied, can open it again.

Innovators can have the ease of implementation of their ideas, design and products. Business houses can have financial assistance also for such endeavours.

You will have access to replace your old and obsolete technology with new technologies. The capital subsidy that you will have will assist you in running the business in a better manner. 

The schemes that the government launched for MSMEs

Government has launched various projects for MSMEs. The schemes are as below.

  • Zero Defect Scheme
  • Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum Scheme
  • Incubation Scheme
  • Quality Management Standards and Quality Technology Tools
  • Grievance Monitoring System Scheme
  • Women Entrepreneurship Scheme
  • Credit-linked Capital Subsidy Scheme

How to apply for Udyam Registration

Organizations having such a certificate can avail of the MSME benefits. The MSME owner needs to fill a single page form for the registration and have the certification. We help them in every step of registration.

The MSME registration procedure 

It is best to have help from experts while you fill the form for MSME registration. During registration, one needs to keep these aspects in mind.

  • If you are the owner of the business, you must fill the MSME form.
  • It is possible to register for more than one industry for MSME at one time.
  • You need to fill the form accurately with details like name, Aadhar, the name of the industry, PAN, mobile number and bank account details during the registration process.
  • The entire process of MSME registration is free of cost.
  • You can submit self-attested documents.
  • After submission of the registration form, the business owner receives the registration number immediately.

The documents that one needs to attach during registration

It is good to know about the documents that business owners need to attach while undertaking the registration online.

  • Address Proof of Business
  • If the office is in a rented property, then the business owner needs to attach NOC from the property owner. Moreover, the owner also needs to connect the rent receipt and a utility bill as proof of the property owner’s ownership.
  • For a self-owned office one, need to attach the allotment letter, possession letter, property tax receipt, or lease deed. If a municipal license exists against the business name or its proprietor, there is no need for a possession document.
  • Receipts and copies of every sale and purchase bills
  • Bills of machinery purchased and the copy of essential licenses
  • Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association along with the copy of board resolution and incorporation certificate also need attachment.

What will happen after the registration?

  • Your enterprise for this process will be known as Udyam and the Registration Process will be known as ‘Udyam Registration.’
  • You will have a permanent registration number after registration.
  • After completion of the process of registration, you will have an Udyam Registration Certificate
  • This certificate will have a dynamic QR Code with the help of which you can access the enterprise’s details.
  • There is no need to renew the registration.
  • We at MYUDYOGAADHAR will stand by your side during the registration process.

We are a group of skilled and proficient qualified CAs, CS, CMAs & Advocates with the mission of helping small and medium enterprises to have online Udyog Registration. We are present in 150+ cities and our team of 200+ employees and the network of over 1000 professionals stand by to help small and medium scale enterprise during the online registration process and help them to have the various advantages associated with such registration.